Interior Sanitisation with Waxoyl Neutraliser Plus

Interior Sanitisation: the benefits of fumigating Waxoyl Neutraliser Plus into your car

Waxoyl Neutraliser Plus is a disinfection treatment for all surface and in particular for vehicle interiors and air-conditioning systems.

The effect against corona-type viruses, spores, bacteria and fungi is formidable and ultra-rapid.

What is Waxoyl Neutraliser Plus?

Neutraliser Plus is a weak pH neutral, sodium hypochlorite solution, which is produced by membrane cell electrolysis from an approx. 0.3 – 0.5% saline solution.
Neutraliser Plus has a very high bactericidal, viricidal and fungicidal efficacy and,
compared to conventional disinfectants, is very material-compatible and absolutely
harmless to humans. Even in high application concentrations it does not have a
corrosive effect. It can be disposed of into the public sewer system without any environmental implications.

How does Neutraliser Plus work?

Neutraliser Plus produced by electrolysis of the 4 strongest microbial killer viruses and oxidants currently known: oxygen, hydrogen peroxide, ozone and chlorine dioxide.
Oxidation-reduction potential (ORP), pH-value and residual chlorine content of acid
electrolysis water (anolyte) correlate with each other and are not variable like
independent variables. Thus, the disinfection process results from a synergistic
effect caused by the oxidation of hypochlorous acid in conjunction with pH and
oxidation-reduction potential, which causes the membrane permeability of the
organelles to exceed the stability limit and inhibits energy metabolism and
respiration. This leads to the killing of the microorganisms in a synergetic way.

In summary

Neutraliser Plus affects the protective sheaths with which the microorganisms are surrounded. The weakened cell wall of the microorganisms can no longer
withstand the osmotic pressure inside the microorganisms. As a result, the single celled organisms literally burst apart and are thus eliminated.

Neutraliser Plus permanently disrupts the electron transport mechanism of
microorganisms, which is one of the reasons for the lack of resistance. Existing
resistances to antibiotics and disinfectants can be circumvented and treated effectively and environmentally friendly with super ionized “Neutraliser Plus”.


Neutraliser Plus can be applied as surface disinfection by wiping and spraying in the “Touch Zone” area and is the first choice in fogging technology. No protective clothing is required, the treated areas can be used again immediately.

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