After all of your glass surfaces are thoroughly cleaned, Waxoyl® Final Glass is applied and it adds a hydrophobic layer to the glass on your vehicle as water glides off in small droplets. This is especially useful on rainy days by reducing the blurring effect of rain, improves driving vision, repels water, dirt and dust. Easier cleaning of your glass.


*Glass Treatment does not include Glass Polishing

*Glass Polishing from $80



Waxoyl® Motor Care is an excellent protection against corrosion for all types of metal in the engine compartment. Repels dampness protecting electrical points from rust and corrosion. Contains no silicon based ingredients which prevents dust and dirt from forming so easily. Resistant to high temperatures from the engine and keeping your engine bay looking new.


*Includes washing of Engine Bay



Waxoyl® Neutraliser Plus is applied using a fumigation method into all surfaces of the car's interior while the air-conditioning system is running at its maximum to ensure a complete cycle of sanitisation within the car. It removes microorganisms such as bacteria, viruses, spores and fungi without leaving a trace, effectively and sustainably removing pathogens and odours. Kills 99.999% of all viruses, bacteria, spores and fungi.


Additional Services

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Our premium product that comes with superior protection of your investment and includes entry into our Elite Club.

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Safely remove viruses, bacteria and odours. Keep your loved ones and yourself safe!

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Super deep glossy wet look shine that is guaranteed for 6 months. A longer lasting product than wax.

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An invisible shield for the interior of your car prolonging fabric, leather and vinyl.


NO RUSH POLICY: At Waxoyl Singapore, our reputation is built on quality service and we will not comprise the integrity of our work by taking shortcuts. If we are not given the full amount of time required, that will result in inferior service and potential errors. In the event that we are unable to meet your collection deadline, we will notify you ahead of time.


Yes, our technicians are trained to work with Waxoyl products and receive regular updates.

Yes, we have a $1m public liability insurance and also for each vehicle in our care, custody and control.

Unfortunately, we do not. However, for coating customers who are required to leave their car in our coating room overnight, we will provide a one-way transportation upon drop off and pick up.

It is from Basel, Switzerland. For more information, please visit their website at

Yes, we are the sole distributor for Waxoyl in Singapore.

Our portfolio includes all types of vehicles from JDMs to exotics, vans to buses.

We are normally closed on Public Holidays. For our latest updates on the opening hours, follow us on our Facebook page at

We have a range of consumer products called the "FOR ME" series that will be launched in the third quarter of 2022. For more updates on the product launch, follow us on our Facebook page at

We have a no rush policy because we are perfectionists and quality of work is what we pride ourselves on.