Waxoyl® Crystal Coating – Aftercare

The Aftercare: Things to know after your car is coated

Now that your pride and joy has been applied with Waxoyl Crystal Coating, it is important to take note of some simple steps to maintain and ensure you get the full benefits of this premium product.


It is important to still wash the vehicle with care and ideally wash the top of the vehicle first with one bucket and sponge, followed by another bucket and sponge for the bottom areas of the vehicle so that road grit is not picked up on your sponge and ends up scratching your glass, chrome or in certain cases even through Crystal Coating affecting your paintwork.

For paintwork that has Ceramic Coating, DO NOT use a shampoo that contains wax. This is very important as wax will form a layer on top of the Crystal Coating and you will lose the hydrophobic effect of Waxoyl Crystal Coating.

Recommended product: Waxoyl For Me Shampoo, Wheel, Glass


Ideally use a good quality microfibre cloth for drying the car or our personal favourite is a leather chamois.

Stain Removal: With daily use, natural occurring incidents like bird droppings, tree sap or even that accidental coffee will leave a stain. DO NOT use harsh aggressive products to polish the coating in order to remove the stain. Likewise, do not use force to rub the affected area. Harsh abrasive products may end up removing the coating! For a vehicle with Ceramic Coating, many stains are easily removed during washing or will slowly breakdown over a few days.

Recommended product: Waxoyl For Me Insect

Please always remember as a member of the CSW family, we are just a call away or drop us a message with your concerns, we would be happy to help out!

As a Crystal Coating customer, you also belong to our Elite Club where you will have complimentary return visits to our detailing centre so when you have an upcoming special occasion with your car or just feel like pampering your pride and joy, give us a call to make an appointment and drop by for one of our technicians to give your car a makeover whilst you have a coffee in our lounge.

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